ZSF Host is an online shared web hosting reseller offering websites predominantly to customers in our chosen niche who wish to host their websites using WordPress software (like we do). Our niche consists mainly of astronomers, astrophysicists (promoting books, etc.) and “science nerds” who use our hosting to run online shops, stores, and e-malls (electronic malls – marketplaces – not spam operations, as we forbid those) selling science-related products and services.

We refuse to cater to anti-vaccination, anti-mask and other COVID conspiracy nut jobs in general. If this means lost business, so be it. We pride ourselves on our love of science and those who would twist science for financial gain should be indicted for high treason. Or in the very least, use a different web host.

(Everyone is welcome too. Just not the nut jobs.)

We have some Kindle & Nook e-books (and a few low-content paperbacks) in the works; please stay tuned to our blog for news on those.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy the rest of your day! We won’t pester you to buy our hosting services unless you are reading one of those aforementioned e-books.

By the way, has anyone seen our space FPS online video game yet? Give it a try. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it!