Zhang Space Freight

An FPS video game set onboard a space freighter. Play now for free!

About The Game

Zhang Space Freight is a rapidly-developing FPS video game (in development as you read this with a full release expected before April 2nd of this year) set on a space freighter in the near future. The game engine and IDE used to create it with is Unity.

About The Developer

The developer of this online shooter game is called Zhang Space Freight Corporation, which was originally incorporated in October of 2018 and lasted for the entirety of one month before it was dissolved due to having no coherent business / operating plan, by the founder & sole owner. There are plans to revive it as a bona fide video games development business.

We make FPS games set in outer space, exclusively. We operate as a virtual team; this means that we have devs and sales staff operating from all over the world across many diverse products and projects.

Thank you for playing our games!

Player Controls

Here is how you play both the WebGL version of this game, as well as the PC version (coming soon to Itch.io!).

  • WASD - player movements (4-directional)
  • Mouse - player scan/look (2-directional)
  • Spacebar - jump! (1-directional)
  • Left mouse button - fire!

Kill all of the fascist space pirate robots to win this minigame!

Download for PC

If you would like to play this game on your computer, you will soon be able to purchase it as DLC from Itch.io for around $5.99 USD. Hang tight for more information!

(This game is currently a Minimum Viable Product, a.k.a. an "MVP".)