Zhang Space Freight Corporation

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Detailed information about the Zhang Space Freight Corporation.

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Who We Are

We're a tech innovator from Southeast Michigan.

Founding Date

We were originally incorporated in October of 2018, but we later dissolved to redevelop our business model. Now, we are planning to reincorporate in August of 2019.

Our Products

We sell everything from online entertainment to products involve augmented reality & voice interface technologies. Like our name implies, we also invest in research into rocket & space technologies.

Where We Are Based

Our HQ is based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, in the United States of America.


Zhang Space Freight Corporation is the brainchild of Nathan G. Zhang, an IT professional..

Other Trivia

We also publish a monthly science fiction magazine which you can only access & read if you use augmented reality technology, such as the Metaverse app. Without augmented reality tech, you will not be able to read this magazine.