Online Course

Welcome to the ZSF Small Satellites online course!

This is the starting point for the entire online course. All of the modules in this course will be accessible from this point forward.

Each module will have at the very minimum, the relevant course text, with some modules having some video content (hosted at YouTube) in it. It is expected that you follow along with the course, actively building, deploying, and tracking your small satellite project(s) while viewing each module.

The entire course is only $107 regularly (if you got it for a promotional price, don’t mention it in any comment section or your comment will be removed, but I occasionally give select course takers a $50 discount in order to sell more of this course). However, it is expected that any taker of this online course have at least $2000 and as much as $5000 minimum on-hand funds before attempting to take this course.

If you don’t have the money already, earn it by keeping your day job and saving it up in an envelope fund or via dedicated savings accounts, and then come back to resume taking this course. The reason that you will need at least $5000 is that satellites cost a lot to build & launch (but not so much to track).

I myself use the information and techniques in this online course to construct, deploy, and manage my own small satellite mission(s). So you should be aware that this course is from the horse’s mouth. My business, Zhang Space Freight Corporation, isn’t an online course company. We’re more like a private-sector space agency. FYI.

Thank you for your interest in this online course.

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