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Zhang Space Freight Corporation is a small business headquartered in the Detroit metropolitan area. It is the core entity in what will one day be a vast commercial empire that will literally span the galaxy and reach beyond the stars!

Our goal is to make some money on the Internet via e-commerce and online video game development & sales, with the further goal of launching a private space exploration mission through either Inter-Orbital or Rocket Lab using a picosatellite. We want to make our money by Christmas of this year and launch our space mission before the end of the following year. We’re a space exploration business first and an online conglomerate next, but our true focus is on moving humanity forward.

Everyone we interact with as a merchant, is a valued customer. We hope that you’ll appreciate our efforts at offering you only the products & services you are looking for, at agreeable rates & prices, and that you’ll continue to do business with us.

If you have interacted with one of our online business arms in the past, such as our T-shirt stores or our video game sellers, we ask that you please continue doing so in that fashion. If this is the first time you are interacting with our business, here are a few merchants we do business through. Our accounts are linked below:

Video Game Stores

T-Shirts & Merchandise

  • Zazzle Store
  • Spreadshirt Store
  • Teespring Storefront

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